Second Annual Conference on the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive

Pázmány Péter Catholic University and the Hungarian Competition Law Research Centre is organising the Second Annual Conference on the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive.

The Hungarian Competition Law Research Centre is supported by the following organisations:


 The aim of this series of conference is to bring together law enforcers, judges, private practitioners, academics and students once a year to discuss misleading advertising and other unfair trade practices covered by the Directive prohibiting Unfair Commercial Practices. We believe that not only officials of public authorities and judges but also business will benefit from this dialogue. The cross-border nature of the coverage of marketing campaigns makes an international approach inevitable. Law enforcers in different EU Member States are tackling similar issues, our conference will provide a forum for exchanging their experience and listen to comments from the business, thereby contributing to a more unified approach in interpreting the provisions of the UCP Directive.

In addition to discussing general policy developments at European level and in some Member States, featured topics will include health claims and ‘up to’ type claims this year.

Date: March 13, 2014, 8.30 – 15.00

Venue: Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Conference Hall, Budapest, Szentkirályi u. 28., H-1088 Budapest, Hungary (Map:

The programme is financed from the following project: TÁMOP-4.2.2/B-10/1-2010-0014TÁMOP-4.2.2/B-10/1-2010-0014

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