Péter Aranyi graduated from University of Debrecen, Faculty of Law. He kicked off his professional career with great enthusiasm and curiosity at the Consumer Protection Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour as a consumer protection expert back in 2008. Later he moved to the Ministry for National Economy where he worked for the Department for Commerce and Consumer Protection. Having spent three years at ministerial level he got acquainted himself with the system of Hungarian and EU consumer protection and developed skills in strategy building and institution development, drafting, and stakeholder management. In 2011 he moved to the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection to become Deputy Head of the Department for International and Civil Affairs. He is seriously committed to the development of the international relations of the HACP, his continuous work resulted in a widespread international partnership network, effective representation in EU and international consumer protection networks such as ICPEN and CPC Network, and numerous bilateral agreements. Currently, he is the Head of the Strategic Cabinet of HACP taking care of a wide palette of duties ranging from strategic planning through communication and coordination to international affairs.

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