Katalin CSERES

Katalin Cseres obtained her university degree in law (1999, cum laude) at the Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest, Hungary.

In 2004, she obtained her Ph.D. title from the University of Utrecht. Her Ph.D. thesis deals with the topic 'Competition Law and Consumer Protection'. She is an associate professor of law at the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG) and a research fellow of the Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics. At the ACELG she is a co-program leader of the research program 'Compound Constitution(s) of Europe'. She is also  the academic coordinator for the Master programme 'European Competition Law and Regulation'.

Competition law, consumer protection (empowerment) and market regulation are her main fields of interest, where her research focuses on law enforcement and the institutional design of public and private enforcement. She analyses the Europeanization of competition law enforcement in the Central and Eastern European Member States and examines the governance mechanisms that frame the interplay between EU and national law,for example, in the case of the European Competition Network. She also investigates the legal rules concerning the role of consumers in activating competition and regulating markets with emphasis on consumers’ access to justice as a key element of their participation in markets.

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